Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | R&D

Research & Development

Through our Research & Technological Development Department, we can use the acquired knowledge to turn ideas into reality, to create products that meet the ever-increasing market demands.


By offering a wide range of services we can provide time-efficiency, security, and excellence to all our clients.

Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | Production


We pursue perfection in every detail, meeting the highest quality and sustainability standards throughout the supply chain.


«We are determined to be a part of the change the textile and apparel industry is facing.»

By changing the methodology of our textile manufacturing process, we are contributing to the reinvention of the luxury fashion industry. We understand the substantial responsibility in our hands. We are committed and already working towards a more sustainable textile production model that respects both the environment and all the people involved throughout the production and supply chain.

Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | Sustainability


We are offering a complete service from fabric production and sourcing, sample development to the bulk, production of seamless garments, sustainable dyeing, to packing and worldwide distribution. In synergy with our global production facilities in Portugal, Spain and the United States, along with our R&D department, we can provide exceptional fabric innovations and sustainable solutions.

Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division
Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division
Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division