Playvest – NEXTIL GROUP SPORTS Division is an established and innovative sports textiles production partner.

We study each athlete’s movements to find out how we can best help them, creating fabrics and garments that boost performance and don’t add extra resistance. At our SPORTS Division, we are committed to overcoming challenges and continuously moving forward thanks to our Research & Development department. We are always working as a team to find the best solutions and create the textiles of the future.

We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure we understand their individual needs to deliver excellent products and services that reinforce their brand values. Reaching their expectations and building a long-lasting relationship are our main priorities.

The Team

From our perspective, human capital is the most valuable asset we have. Our passionate, multidisciplinary team allows us to respond to all types of challenges. We have specialised, experienced, and motivated people operating across a range of fields, ensuring exceptional and distinctive work. The professionalism and great adaptability of each of our team members make our SPORTS Division a trustworthy partner.

Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | About Us
Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | About Us
Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | About Us


We are proud to say that we have received a distinguished award that demonstrates our level of professionalism and high capacity to achieve the best results in sports production.

The SME Excellence Award was granted in recognition of our economic and financial performance based on our strong focus on innovation complemented by a sustained growth strategy that successfully creates wealth and jobs in their regions.

Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | About Us



We are constantly studying new textile possibilities to keep improving our products and services, always assuring the highest quality standards. Through our Research & Development Department, we can use acquired knowledge to turn our clients’ ideas into reality and to create products that meet ever-increasing market demands.

We are also collaborating with various European universities and technology companies in the creation of the latest textiles, and machinery innovations for the industry.


We are determined to be part of the change. Our SPORTS Division has achieved numerous certifications that prove our strong commitment to and responsibility for respectful textile production. Our sustainability team is constantly developing and implementing new strategies and practices towards a greener production. The goal that we are working and fighting for is clear: to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact throughout our supply chain and production, providing a safe workplace for our employees, and offering a broad range of sustainable products to our customers.


We are highly flexible and adaptable to meet the individual requirements of each brand and personalise the service accordingly. Our clients are closely working with one of our in-house Commercial Managers. They will provide customised innovations and supervise the entire production journey throughout the supply chain. Their professional expertise and direct access to the different specialists in our facilities allows the Managers to constantly inform the client of the stage their order is at, permitting an exhaustive and regular control of the production chain.

Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | About Us
Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | About Us
Playvest – Nextil Group Sports Division | About Us